Solar Wind Generator Model Gift Exhibition Stand Windmill Educational Generator


Name Value
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Brand Solar
Type Charge Controller
Current Type AC/DC
System Configuration Hybrid
Power Source Wind
Axis Orientation Horizontal
Features Automatic Voltage Detection
Resistance Properties Childproof
Child Resistant
Dust Resistant
Fade Resistant
Fingerprint Resistant
Application Electronics

Features:1. This solar windmill is a DIY product. It uses low-light amorphous silicon solar wafers as power source. The product is divided into three parts: the base, the connecting rod and the fan blade.2. Under indoor lighting, solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy to drive the blades to spin; simple and smooth overall shape; it works better in places where the indoor light is slightly stronger;3. The product is vivid, novel, and stylish. It completely relies on solar energy for direct drive, energy saving and environmental protection.4. Can be used for student’s teaching, entertaining, and as a crafts and display supplies; Installation: Take out the base and put it on the tabletop; Then insert the conversion plug of the lower part of the connecting rod on the base shaft; Finally, connect the fan blade on the shaft protruding from the fan box, and the solar windmill is completed. Specifications:Windmill base size: 140 x 95 x 20mm/5.51 x 3.74 x 0.79″Windmill rod: 260mm/10.2″Fan: 100mm/3.94″Product net weight: 152g1 x Windmill1 x Solar Base ]

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