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Brand Thermodyne / Hydrogen Appliances / Windgeneering
Voltage 24
MPN 66447
Country/Region of Manufacture United States

You are bidding on one 11 propeller – 24 Volt AC / 3- Wire / 3 phase SUPER-CORE / HIGH POWER / PMA/PMG – 1550 Watts at 33 MPH (1700 RPM) Makes high-power in most wind zones #SC24AC – Wind Scorpion 1550 Watts peak / 2050 RPM at peak load.Designed to operate in an area with low/medium speed averages of 4.1 to 5.4 m/s and greater (Zone 2-5)Provides 193 kWh per month (1689.6kWh year) 6.40 kWh per day in a 12.1 mph (5.5 m/s) average wind speed. In a zone 7 area this turbine can make up to 200% more power or 12.80 kWh. Wind Zones are defined by m/s Wind Zone 1 0 – 4.4 m/sWind Zone 2 4.4 – 5.1 m/sWind Zone 3 5.1 – 5.6 m/sWind Zone 4 5.6 – 6.0 m/sWind Zone 5 6.0 – 6.4 m/sWind Zone 6 6.4 – 7.0 m/sWind Zone 7 7.0 – 9.4 m/s (20-22 mph) Make sure your equipment can handle the peak voltages of each model. Harvest low winds zones with great efficiency! Keeps on making power even in high winds. WHY ‘FURL’ WHEN YOU COULD BE MAKING POWER IN HIGH WINDS? Wind Scorpion / Light Breeze Wind Turbine’s Makes power in mild and breezy lower wind zones “True, low winds areas will produce less amperage but the energy output is a very consistent power. The nice part is that your wind turbine’s will make power all night on those long and cold northern winter nights and that’s when turbines really start adding up the Watts when added to a solar system” Wind Scorpion Wind Turbine For Charging Batteries in Low Wind Zones. WORLDS LOWEST PRICED WIND TURBINE’S PER WATT PRODUCED WIND POWER! Because The Sun Doesn’t Shine At Night. Solar works 8 hours a day and wind works 24 hours a day! Wind Scorpion By Wind Scorpion Power Systems The world’s lowest priced production wind turbine in its class! Wind Scorpions are optimized for class 1 to 3 wind zones Propeller start up speed is only 3.5 MPH – Power up speed 6 MPH Cheap power for boats, RVs and battery charging for home power systems. Rain, ice and storm proof electronics. PMA has no brushes, very dependable! True PMA for efficient power generation. No slip rings to fail or replace. Wire tension system. Aerodynamically tapered propellers for maximum output. Fits on 1.5″ schedule #40 or #80 pipe. Includes mounts and locks. 125,000 hours+ of rated bearing life. (about 35 years avg. use) Weighs 39 lbs. / Ships UPS in One 9″ X 7″ X 37″ Box. Examples of other systems available: (This auction is only for the item listed) These charts are for 1450 Watt models. This SC/1550 Watt model makes more power than charts below show.Build type gives more power at lower RPM’s FOR 12 VOLT SYSTEMS FOR 24 VOLT SYSTEMS FOR 48 VOLT SYSTEMS Eliminate your power bill by mixing wind and solar- A Brave New Look For American Suburbia ‘Going Green’ –

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